Useful links & Friend sites

# Link Comment
1 Rezonit – PCB manufacture Russian quality PCB manufacture and assembly
2 PCB Way 10$ for 10×10 pcb, any color
3 Fusion PCB $4.9 for 10 copies of a 10cm x 10cm board, any color
4 Itead Studio PCB manufacturer: +2 free pcb for OpenSource projects
5 JLCPCB: 2$ PCB High quality PCB, 9$ SMT-stencil, 2-4-6 layers PCB.
6 OSH Park High quality PCB, free shipment. $5/sq.inch, 3pcs.
7 Kingwei Electronic Buzzer, Speaker, Piezo manufacture
8 Toshiba MCU Toshiba: Image recognition processors
9 Maclight Display Co. Custom LCD display manufacturer.
10 MOKO Technology Ltd. PCB Manufacturer and Assembly from China
11 Astra Gifts Hi-tech & IoT gift manufacturer

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