MakBit Virtual CD/DVD


Release: latest
MakBit Virtual CD/DVD (version 1.95) is a powerful utility for creating and managing virtual CD/DVD ROM drives. These virtual CD and DVD drives are much more quick, reliable and convenient than physical ones.

Features & Benefits:

  • Play games and run multimedia apps without CD/DVD disc
  • Get up to 20 virtual drives and unlimited number of discs
  • Access and share your data discs over network
  • Control the speed of your physical CD/DVD drive
  • Clone and duplicate discs with scratches and deffects
  • All file formats are supported: ISO, UDF, IMG, MDF, VCD
  • Version 1.90+ supports Microsoft Virtual PC HDD images
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA, Windows 7.
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