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[TI] CC3200, Stellaris ICDI, LM Flash Programmer

Posted: 24-Oct-2020, 16:33
by Administrator

CC3200 LaunchPad is a good Development Board for Wi-Fi devices. There is a FT2232h chip for debugging and flashing purposes. It is configured by the EEPROM chip with "USB\VID_0451&PID_C32A". Customized drivers can be found in Energia suite.

In uVision Keil 5.29+ the support for the Stellaris ICDI debug adapter has been removed. Use an add-on installer that can bring back the support for Stellaris ICDI to MDK v5.29 and above.

LM Flash Programmer can be downloaded from the TI site (with login). It is used for a small number of Tiva and TI boards. Not very useful.
TI-Stellaris-LM-Flash-Programmer.png (69.17 KiB) Viewed 10810 times